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Your Home Maintenance Questions Answered

1. If I donít clean my gutter regularly, what will happen?

The gutters will overflow and rust lasting a fraction of their life span. In addition heavy down pours will back wash into the roof space damaging eves and ceilings also fascia boards will rot a lot quicker.

2. When should I paint the exterior of my house?

Every 6-7 years if good quality paint is used. This will prevent exterior timbers(windows, fascia boards etc.) from rotting, saving you the cost of replacements.

3. My shower leaks, how do we fix it?

It could be either poor waterproofing, a split in a water pipe or the grout and silicone has deteriorated, we can assist you with any of these problems.

4. I seem to have about a dozen keys to my house, it is very annoying. How can we fix it?

Our locksmith can key all your locks alike for a free quote give us a call.

5. I want to renovate my home but it is so hard coordinating all the trades.

Relax. We take care of it as we have in house staff and subcontractors in all trades.

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